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Are you ready for the February 1 OSHA recordkeeping deadline?

It’s that time of year again when employers subject to OSHA’s recordkeeping rule are required to post a signed copy of their Form 300A in a location accessible to employees by February 1. Despite this annual obligation, many employers continue to make common recordkeeping mistakes, some of which potentially affect OSHA compliance. With the deadline looming, we’re reviewing Form 300A and related aspects of the recordkeeping rule to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes.

Coming up with a COVID-19 vaccination strategy that works for your business

In addition to COVID-19’s deadly impact on our population, it has also hit many businesses hard. Not only have there been customer declines and governmental shut-down orders, but employers have had to manage through a myriad of COVID-related employee absences. Fortunately, hope may be on the horizon, as the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is approving vaccines for wide distribution. However, with hope comes challenge, as businesses now need to decide whether and how they will make employee vaccinations part of their COVID response planning.

New Client Advisories address D&O implications of board diversity and COVID-19 vaccine mandates

USI’s Executive and Professional Risk Solutions (EPS) Practice is dedicated to helping clients stay abreast of important regulatory developments and court decisions that may impact management liability exposures. The USI EPS team has released two recent client advisories addressing the directors and officers (D&O) policy implications from COVID-19 vaccine mandates and board diversity.