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Preparing your district for a successful renewal

The annual renewal of your health benefits offering is an opportunity to assess your health plan to see what’s working and what needs improvement. In order to get the most out of your renewal negotiations, you will need to come prepared with a solid understanding of where you currently stand and the factors that influence how much you will pay in renewal premium. Conducting a benchmarking assessment and independent underwriting review can provide you with data and leverage at the negotiating table.

IRS “cost of living” adjustments for employee benefit plans

At USI, we are dedicated to helping employers stay on top of fast-changing legislative and regulatory developments and guidance related to health and welfare plans that could impact your business. Here we are sharing information on the recent IRS “cost of living” adjustments for 2021 that may affect your employee benefit plans.

Making the transition to virtual open enrollment

No one understands better than the person who administers benefits about the difficulty of open enrollment season. It was hard enough ambushing employees in the workplace to remind them that they need to submit their packets. Let’s not even talk about the headache of creating multiple schedules so that employees can take physical breaks from work and listen to benefits presentations. Now, administrators must figure out the best way to get the packet to the eligible employees in the first place.