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Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting - Specialty Coverages

Coverage that extends beyond the basic.

There is an increasing amount of threats and challenges facing employers today which require specialty coverages to keep you appropriately protected. Customizing your coverage to go beyond the basics can help ensure your company is financially healthy should it be put at risk.

We review all aspects of your business and personal exposures to uncover the most significant areas of concern and make appropriate recommendations. Our experts can help you implement the right package to properly safeguard and strengthen your organization.

Complex business need sophisticated coverage.

If your company is conducting clinical trials, then you need clinical trial liability coverage in addition to general liability and products liability coverage. Even with informed consent forms, you can still be found negligent. Without proper coverage you may be subject to medical payment expenses, public and regulatory scrutiny, personal injury and errors and omission lawsuits.


Mitigate and safeguard against pollution.

No matter your industry or business size, whether you are a contractor, environmental consultant, engineer, facility owner or manufacturer, environmental liability insurance can help your business mitigate and safeguard against pollution related risks. Although pollution liability occurrences may be infrequent, when they do happen, they are often large, expensive and complicated.


Protect your goods domestically and globally.

Products traveling by truck, rail, air or sea, all face similar risk exposures. A customized contingent cargo insurance program can protect you from a variety of potential losses including damaged or diminished goods as well as harm to your business reputation and customer relationships.


Protect your executives, board members and business.

While every business is unique, there are universal exposures that all businesses face. Your executives and board members are vulnerable to personal litigation, so it is crucial to partner with consultants that help protect you from unexpected loss. We partner with you to develop a management liability program that ensures your business and its executives are operating with comprehensive protection.


The question is not if, but when.

As the number of cyberattacks increase across all industry segments, so does the importance of cybersecurity for all businesses — regardless of size or reliance on technology. A breach can result from a variety of factors and you can be left paying thousands of dollars. Cyber Liability coverage protection can extend beyond standard liability coverage from cyber-related lawsuits.