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Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting - Cyber Liability

The question is not if your company will experience a cyberattack, but when.

As the number of cyberattacks increase across all industry segments, so does the importance of cybersecurity for all businesses — regardless of size or reliance on technology. A breach can result from a variety of factors, including attacks on networks, employee negligence, malware-infected emails or social engineering scams. You can be left paying thousands of dollars.

Cyber Liability coverage protection can extend beyond standard liability coverage from cyber-related lawsuits. There are a variety of coverage options available for organizations of all types and sizes. These solutions can include reimbursements for loss of income, notification costs, cyber extortion/ransomware, network security, third-party interruptions, regulatory defense costs and more.

To help ensure you have the right coverage we offer the following:

  • Proprietary risk and exposure analysis
  • Benchmarking analytics
  • Contract review
  • On-staff law degreed compliance specialist
  • Claims advocacy
  • Placement and program analysis
Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting – Cyber Risk Survey


Identify where you may have gaps.

Cybercrime is constantly evolving and cybersecurity is hard-pressed to keep up. You’ve taken steps to protect your business against cyber threats, but your best efforts may not be enough. Take the Cyber Risk Scorecard survey to see where your business excels and where you face exposure.

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