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Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting - Industries

Partner with experts who understand your business.

Your industry is unique and has its own sets of challenges. It helps to have a partner who understands these needs, and can provide expertise to help mitigate your risks. We are consultative and strategic, helping to customize your coverage as a means to achieve your objectives — whether domestically or internationally. Our industry-focused professionals deliver high-quality advice and cost-effective solutions customized for your unique needs. We service many industries, including:

Leverage our specialized expertise.

In agribusiness, disasters can hit hard every year. Your workforce also comes with unique employee benefits and human resource challenges that can mean the difference between profit and loss. We can assist you on both fronts. Let us help you maintain a workforce that serves as an asset, not a liability, as well as protect your business from the numerous risks you face.


Protect your patients, employees and business.

Healthcare organizations operate in a complex and highly competitive environment. Changing care models, increased regulatory scrutiny, and data privacy concerns are just a few of the risks and opportunities you face. To stay on top of this rapidly evolving marketplace, your insurance consultant needs to understand the types of issues you face and how you can best manage and mitigate your risks.


Focus on your community.

Having served over 400 nonprofit organizations, we understand the unique challenges of your industry. We can help your nonprofit identify major areas of risk, understand the hazards that are inherent to your business, cultivate a safe workplace and retain top employees with the right employee benefits — all with guidance from our highly experienced and knowledgeable team.


Keeping up with your industry.

Technology is a complex field where innovation happens daily. Therefore, insurance programs designed for technology companies must address a range of exposures and HR challenges beyond those of a typical business. And, because technology companies often provide global products and services, working with an agent who understands the international insurance and legal environment is a critical.


Let us tackle your top priorities.

One of the greatest risks you face is the shortage of qualified workers. We can help you attract and retain the best workers with cost-effective employee benefits while protecting your business from the risks you face. We are one of the few risk and benefits consulting firms in the area that specializes in combatting exposures that are inherent within your industry, both domestic and internationally.


With growth comes challenges.

The life sciences industry is fast-paced, innovative, fiercely competitive and ever-changing. Therefore, it’s absolutely imperative that you choose an insurance partner who can keep up and help you thrive in this challenging environment. We are the preferred provider for LifeScience Alley for all of your risk management and commercial insurance needs.


Minimize risk and maximize opportunities.

Most businesses that provide professional services, including architects, engineers, accountants, lawyers and business consultants, require customized insurance solutions. Our insurance experts can help you obtain the right coverage to meet the requirements for your specific business and industry.


Secure solutions to your industry.

We are committed to solving the specific business issues and risks that your business faces, whether you work in alternative energy, oil and gas or power and utility. In addition to standard risks related to equipment and the environment, your business risks failure if you can’t retain workers with specialized skills. We can help you build an employee benefits program designed to boost employee retention and recruiting.


Protect your property, income and workforce.

Manufacturing companies often experience more significant losses than other businesses, such as the high costs associated with fixing machinery when it breaks down. Many times, the business interruption claims far outweigh the costs of actually replacing or repairing the equipment. To keep operations running smoothly, manufacturing insurance has become a critical part of doing business.


Solutions for the challenges you face.

Aging infrastructures. Disaster preparedness. Employee turnover. Cyber risk preparedness. These are just some of the critical challenges that organizations in the public sector are facing. With a tight budget, you must find risk management and employee benefits solutions that are both robust and cost-effective.