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ACA reporting for 2020

The IRS recently released final 2020 Forms 1094-C and 1095-C and applicable instructions ahead of Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting for 2020. As a reminder, applicable large employers (“ALEs”) must furnish Form 1095-C to full-time employees and file Form 1094-C and all 1095-Cs with the IRS. ALEs offering a self-insured group health plan must also furnish Forms 1095-C to covered employees or other primary insured individuals in the self-funded health plan (e.g., COBRA qualified beneficiaries). Additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and challenges to business operations, ALEs may have variations to their reporting for 2020 due to furloughs and/or layoffs.

Consider your goals when selecting symptom-reporting apps and tech

To help keep workplaces healthy and productive, employers have expressed a lot of interest lately in symptom-reporting technology. While apps and other solutions may seem like a good way to help keep sick workers home and prevent the spread of illness from influenza and COVID-19, not all apps are created equally. Employers should carefully consider their goals in implementing screening tools and consult with a trusted workforce technology advisor before selecting an appropriate vendor.

Supporting your community might be the ticket to success

Employers are constantly looking for ways to support employee growth and improve employee engagement — tasks that became increasingly more difficult when COVID-19 hit and employees began working remotely, were put on furlough or laid off and salaries were cut, and businesses decreased or froze spending to preserve resources. How, then, are employers to continue to develop employees and keep them engaged despite having fewer resources and ongoing uncertainty ahead? Consider supporting the communities where you do business.