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Question: Are you indemnifying too much? Answer: Probably

“If we get sued, you get sued!” Sounds warm and comforting, right? I bet you cannot wait to partner or contract with a company that already has litigation on its mind. Nevertheless, these types of statements are common, and once formalized by lawyers, are called “indemnification clauses.” They are often necessary but can be very broad and potentially catastrophic to your business.

Compliance Update: 2021 COBRA Subsidy Guidance Issued and COVID-19 PPE Now Qualified Medical Expense

Our national Employee Benefits Compliance Team is dedicated to helping you stay abreast of fast-changing legislative and regulatory developments and guidance related to health and welfare plans that could impact your business. This update will discuss guidance issued on the 2021 COBRA subsidy and changes making COVID-19 PPE a qualified medical expense.

Social media during civil unrest (or anytime)

Personal social media posts by your employees can have all sorts of unintended business impacts. How you respond (or don’t respond) can have both legal and practical implications. Fortunately, you have more power than you think. While social media has been the platform for any number of very positive things, it can also be terribly divisive and hurtful. Rather than seeking out opposing viewpoints, some people immerse themselves in echo chambers who think exactly the way that they do to the exclusion of others, and in such environments, it’s easy for everything to become politicized.