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If you didn’t have challenges, you wouldn’t have successes.

How do you overcome obstacles, particularly those facing businesses and their owners in today’s environment? It takes thoughtful creativity with a thorough attention to detail. It takes global knowledge tempered with regional expertise. More importantly, it takes a spirit of optimism that we all share. Whether you’re looking for basic healthcare solutions, comprehensive human resources management, business insurance, risk management strategies or retirement plan consulting, USI Insurance Services will provide the guidance you need to reach your goals and compete successfully.

5 best practices for communicating big benefits changes

HR departments play an essential role in not only educating employees about their benefits, but also communicating their incredible value. A good benefits program by itself doesn’t improve employee retention, recruiting and morale — your employees’ awareness of its value is what moves the needle for employers. The same holds true on the other side of the coin as well, when an employer must cut some benefits or increase health plan costs: skillfully communicating and explaining these changes can significantly improve their impact on employee morale and retention.


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